California is first in nation mandating solar power. Wisconsin Republicans Approve Bills Stripping Power. Satanic statue installed at US statehouse [r/news, Episode #7]


California officially becomes first in nation mandating solar power for new homes

‘Historic undertaking’ expected to boost a number of rooftop solar panels across the Golden State.

To a smattering of applause, the California Building Standards Commission voted unanimously to add energy standards approved last May by another panel to the state building code.

Two commissioners and several public speakers lauded the new code as “a historic undertaking” and a model for the nation.

“These provisions really are historic and will be a beacon of light for the rest of the country,” said Kent Sasaki, a structural engineer and one of six commissioners voting for the new energy code. “(It’s) the beginning of substantial improvement in how we produce energy and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.”

The new provisions are expected to dramatically boost the number of rooftop solar panels in the Golden State. Last year, builders took out permits for more than 115,000 new homes — almost half of them for single-family homes.

Redditors say The Australian one is only a stop-gap measure that provides a few seconds of power to a small part of Australia so the coal plants can spin more power up but that’s simply due to its size. The Australian battery is more of a proof of concept, which is typically much smaller by design. Just so happens that smaller scale batteries like it have an extremely practical use. A happy coincidence.


Wisconsin Republicans Approve Bills Stripping Power From Incoming Democratic Governor

When Wisconsin Republicans pushed through a sweeping set of bills Wednesday to limit the power of the state’s newly elected Democrats, it was another hardball maneuver by a man who has played a key role in driving the state sharply to the right.

In the days after the Republican governor’s stunning loss last month — the end of eight years of one-party control of the state’s government — Robin Vos, the Republican speaker of the Assembly, was defiant.

“We are going to stand like bedrock to guarantee that Wisconsin does not go back,” Mr. Vos told local reporters after the midterms.

Mr. Vos became the first official to publicly suggest that Republicans consider reining in the authority of the incoming Democratic governor, Tony Evers. “If there are areas where we could look and say, ‘Geez — have we made mistakes where we granted too much power to the executive,’” he told reporters, “I’d be open to taking a look to say what can we do to change that to try to rebalance it.”

Redditors add Fast forward to when a Republican takes the Governor’s office:

“These oppressive laws will not stand!”


Satanic statue installed at US statehouse

A satanic group has added its own statue to a series of displays in the government building of the US state of Illinois to mark the festive season.

Placed between a Christmas tree and a menorah, the four-foot sculpture depicts a snake coiled around an outstretched arm holding an apple.

It’s the first display sponsored by the Chicago chapter of the Temple of Satan.

The state government said the temple had the same right as other religious groups to have a display.

“Under the Constitution, the First Amendment, people have a right to express their feelings, their thoughts,” Dave Druker, spokesman for the Illinois secretary of state, told the State Journal-Register. “This recognizes that.”

The move has been criticized on social media by Illinois Family Action, an anti-abortion pressure group.

One of the Reddit users say that This is simply the US constitution in action. Which maybe goes to support the position that any and all religious symbols should be banned from display at any government building or property. If it’s all or none, I’d vote for none!


Saints owner Gayle Benson has surprised more than 400 people by paying off layaway orders at Walmart

People who have gone to pay on their layaway orders at the Walmart on Tchoupitoulas St. have been met with a big surprise.

Their orders have been paid off by another customer.

The customer is Saints owner Gayle Benson.

She recently paid off 408 orders at the store, totaling nearly $100,000, according to the store.

Zena Williams said that only a few people have found out about their orders being paid off when they come into the store, at which point they become overwhelmed by the news.

“They’re coming in, and they’re calling their friends and family,” Williams said. “They’re very excited. It’s a good thing. It’s a good thing for the community. It’s a good thing for the store. I’m glad that we can participate and help bless so many people for the holidays.”

Reddit users note that It’s still so weird to them the accept the concept of having an item on layaway. Especially if you have a bunch of gifts that you need to buy for Christmas and you won’t have the money for it until those checks come in or your end of year bonus. you don’t want to wait until the money comes in before you can go selecting what you want and find out that it’s gone. We need to stop treating Christmas as a shopping holiday. Going into debt just to show others you care about them is a capitalist wet dream and reinforces a consumer culture that makes our lives worse. There are a lot of ways to show loved ones you care without buying them things.