Daily Podcast: Japan mass killing. Lawsuit against White House. Michael Avenatti is arrested. [r/news, Episode #1]

  1. Fox News supports CNN in lawsuit against White House

In a statement released Wednesday, Fox News president Jay Wallace says the network supports CNN’s lawsuit to restore one of its reporters “hard” press passes.

Wallace also said the network would file an amicus brief on behalf of CNN


  • The fact that the WH releases an altered video still blows their minds but no one seems to care.
  • And they also say that Fake news CNN is suing them for banning karate chop Jim from the press room. Never banned, just put in timeout! Witch hunt! SAD
  1. Michael Avenatti arrested for domestic violence in LA

Michael Avenatti, the outspoken attorney who represents porn star Stormy Daniels in her legal battles against President Donald Trump, was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in Los Angeles, police said. And the only comment from Reddit we are able to read aloud here is 

  • I’m just here to point out once again that this is indeed our actual timeline. Porn Star against the president 
  1. Indigenous women kept from seeing their newborn babies until agreeing to sterilization, says lawyer

The women would be told that they could not leave until their tubes were tied, cut or cauterized, she added, or that “they could not see their baby until they agreed.”

At least two women involved in the lawsuit were surgically sterilized after giving birth at the Royal University Hospital.

  • Reddit users ask 
  • How is this a lawsuit and not a criminal investigation? And regret that 
  • this looks suspiciously like eugenics. 🙁
  1. Alabama police suggest man they killed in mall shouldn’t have held his gun

Hoover Police initially described the officer as “heroic” for bringing down Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr. after two people were wounded at the Riverchase Galleria mall outside Birmingham Thanksgiving night.

The police also expressed sympathy for the family of the 18-year-old man and the 12-year-old girl who was wounded in the initial shooting and said they are “pursuing the initial shooter who still remains at large.”

Reddit comments

 Reddit Users thoughts vary from 

  1. What ever happened to “Freeze! Drop the gun!”? TO
  2. Didn’t bank robbers and gangsters used to get into gunfights with police using tommy guns back in the day?

5. Trans Woman Was Beaten in ICE Custody Before Death, Autopsy Finds — Roxana Rodriguez died following lack of medical treatment in a privately run immigration detention center. An autopsy concludes that she was beaten.

Reddit commenters admire that 

  1. That sounds like a truly awful way to die. 
  2. Absolutely horrendous. When someone is slowly dying from dehydration, if not organs give out first for other reasons (e.g. Toxins). This should not happen anywhere, but especially not in an industrialized nation.

Longread 1

Japan mass killing: Six bodies found at house in mountain town

Authorities have discovered the bodies of six people, including a 7-year-old girl, at a house in the Japanese town of Takachiho, a popular destination for tourists visiting the Takachiho Gorge in southwestern Miyazaki province.

Police found the remains at a house owned by 72-year-old Yasuo Iihoshi after a family member had reported that his calls had gone unanswered, according to Miyazaki prefectural police.

One of the bodies, a female, was discovered outside the property, while three males and two more females were found inside the house.

Japan, which ranks as one of the safest countries in the world to live, has a very low murder rate and mass killings are rare. Given Japan’s strict gun laws, in the infrequent attacks that do occur, knives are more commonly used.

In the Takachiho killings, at least some of the victims had been stabbed, local media reported. The murder weapon has not been recovered.

Authorities have released the names of the victims

They are all members of the immediate family of Iihoshi’s second son, Masahiro.

Masahiro Iihoshi has been missing since the discovery of the bodies. The police also discovered a seventh body under a bridge crossing the Gokase River.

Commentors from Reddit thinks that:

Japan really needs to work on the mental well-being if it’s citizens.

But some of them say that there’s one mass murder, and people are saying how Japanese people have a history of brutality’, and ‘need to work on their mental health’. Whereas, something like this happens seemingly every week in the US, and people aren’t extrapolating on what’s going on with US people.