Daily Podcast: Starbucks will block pornography. Southwest Airlines apologizes for employee. Mental health clinic opens inside a Walmart [r/news, Episode #3]


Southwest Airlines apologizes for employee laughing at 5-year-old passenger named Abcde

The agent snapped a picture of the girl’s boarding pass and posted it on social media, according to her mother.

“The gate agent started mocking my child’s name laughing, pointing at me and my daughter, and talking to other employees,” said Redford, who was flying with her daughter to El Paso, Texas.

Redford couldn’t believe her ears when other SWA workers joined in the laughter, all just feet away.

Southwest apologized for the name mocking, saying the employee violated the “Golden Rule” of “treating every individual with respect.”

Reddit users are concerned about of the future of the girl living in such a cruel world.


Judge rules Mississippi county is liable for jailing woman 96 days without seeing a judge.

There are two remaining questions left for a Mississippi woman who sued over being jailed 96 days without seeing a judge: Will the U.S. Supreme Court get involved, and if not, how much will she get paid?

Mississippi has long struggled with people being arrested before trial and held for months or years with little access to a lawyer or bail. Since Jauch was arrested, the state Supreme Court has enacted new rules of the criminal procedure last year that are showing some progress in keeping poor people from being stuck in jail without a lawyer or bail. Those rules say that, among other things, those arrested before being indicted are supposed to appear before a judge within two business days, and anyone arrested after indictment must be arraigned within 30 days.

Redditors ask if Could someone please explain what the rationale behind this is? Doesn’t the right to a speedy trial guaranteed in the Constitution supersede any county or state law?


Starbucks will block pornography on its free Wi-Fi in all U.S. stores in 2019

The coffee retailer announced it will add a filter to its internet that will halt viewers from visiting pornographic websites and other websites with explicit material, according to Business Insider.

Flashback: McDonald’s blocked pornography from its Wi-Fi back in 2016

Starbucks said at the time it would add the filters if it found one that could block pornographic websites but not block other websites unintentionally.

Why now?: Enough Is Enough, an internet safety organization, has asked Starbucks and other public retailers with Wi-Fi options to add filters for years.

Redditors are at a loss and ask:

Do people just, like, sit in a coffee shop and watch porn?


Florida authorities make another big arrest involving white supremacists and bombs.

Earlier this month, authorities announced they had arrested dozens of white supremacist gang members from a group called the “Unforgiven” and “United Aryan Brotherhood” in a Pasco County bust that turned up illegal firearms, heroin, crack cocaine, methamphetamine – and pipe bombs. The 39 people arrested in a region just north of Tampa Bay and west of Orlando were largely from Tampa Bay and Central Florida, an area where law enforcement authorities have made several disturbing arrests of white supremacists, including one last year where officials found a garage filled with bomb-making materials. The police investigation into the groups, dubbed “Operation Blackjack,” took three years. The U.S. Attorney’s Office and various other local agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, worked to identify and apprehend the gang members. WFTS in Tampa reported that authorities also seized a rocket launcher.

 People on Reddit say that it’s a really interesting development and they don’t even know how to unpack the legal ramifications of that.


Mental health clinic opens inside a Walmart in Texas

Other medical services are already available at Walmart, such as eye exams. But is a retail setting appropriate for mental health care?

You can go to Walmart to buy toothpaste and shampoo, order glasses or fulfill a drug prescription. Now, some customers can also get therapy.

A new outpatient mental health clinic has opened inside a Walmart store in Carrollton, Texas, north of Dallas. People can walk in, call or make an appointment online to see a licensed mental health professional about problems such as anxiety, depression, grief, relationship troubles or the stresses of everyday living.

Executives said the goal is to offer mental health services to people in rural communities who might otherwise not get care.

Major depression is on the rise among Americans, especially young adults, recent research shows. An estimated one in five adults in the U.S. experiences some form of mental illness in a given year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Many people don’t get treatment.

Redditors realize that US citizens need better mental care in the U.S. and accessibility is a critical step.