Verizon employees accepted as a volunteers. Voyager 2 leaves the Solar System. Ohio man arrested for planning deadly attack on synagogue [r/news, Episode #10]


Verizon says 10,400 employees have been accepted as a part of a voluntary program to leave the business

Verizon said Monday more than 10,000 employees, or about 7 percent of its global workforce, have accepted the company’s buyout offer, first announced in September as a cost-cutting measure. Verizon previously announced a goal to save $10 billion in cash by 2021.

The program offered eligible employees and managers up to 60 weeks of salary, bonus, and benefits, depending on the length of service. End dates for employees who accepted the deal range from year-end 2018 to June 2019. The program was offered to 44,000 employees across all of Verizon’s business segments.

“For those who were accepted, the coming weeks and months will be a transition. For the entire V Team, there will be opportunities to work differently as we prepare for the great things to come at Verizon,” CEO Hans Vestberg said in a note to employees.

Verizon first announced the restructuring earlier this fall as part of a larger effort to trim workforce ahead of a push into 5G network service.

“These changes are well-planned and anticipated, and they will be seamless to our customers,” Vestberg said in a statement. “This is a moment in time, given our financial and operational strength, to begin to better serve customers with more agility, speed, and flexibility.”


Told to clean her room, the nine-year-old girl instead calls 911 on her parents

 An incident that occurred over the weekend has prompted Ontario Provincial Police to issue a reminder to parents and caregivers to talk to children about making 911 calls.

The OPP’s Norfolk detachment says that on Saturday officers responding to a 911 call rushed off to a residence in Simcoe, Ont.

But when they got there they found that a nine-year-old girl had dialed 911 because she was upset that a parent had asked her to clean up her room.

The message police want to get out to kids, and some adults too are that 911 should only be used in emergency cases.

They say that on average, it takes at least two officers about 30 minutes to investigate a 911 call — and responding to non-emergencies puts enormous pressure on police resources.

One Reddit user adds her story.

My little brother did this over something petty like homework when he 7. Threatening to call the cops on us and saying we “aren’t his sisters anymore”(like, okay kid, that’s how it works) was a frequent thing, but the time he actually did call the cops he almost shit himself when they came to the house and lectured him.


Voyager 2 leaves the Solar System

The Voyager 2 probe, which left Earth in 1977, has become the second human-made object to leave our Solar System.

It was launched 16 days before its twin craft, Voyager 1, but that probe’s faster trajectory meant that it was in “the space between the stars” six years before Voyager 2.

The news was revealed at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting in Washington.

And chief scientist on the mission, Prof Edward Stone, confirmed it.

Did the team plan to explore beyond the Solar System?

The Voyagers were sent initially to study the outer planets, but then just kept on going.

Prof Stone said that at the start of the mission the team had no idea how long it would take them to reach the edge of the Sun’s protective bubble, or heliosphere.

“We didn’t know how large the bubble was, how long it would take to get there and if the spacecraft would last long enough,” he added. “Now we’re studying the very local interstellar medium.

“It’s a very exciting time in Voyager’s 41-year journey.”

Scientists define the Solar System in different ways, so Prof Stone has always been very careful not to use the exact phrase “leave the Solar System” in relation to his spacecraft. He is mindful that the Nasa probes still have to pass through the Oort cloud where there are comets gravitationally bound to the Sun, albeit very loosely.

But both Voyagers certainly are in a new, unexplored domain of space.


Ohio man arrested for planning a deadly attack on the synagogue

Damon Joseph of Holland was charged Monday in U.S. District Court in Toledo with attempting to provide material support to ISIS. He told an undercover FBI agent that he was inspired by the gunman who shot up a synagogue building in Pittsburgh, killing 11.

Joseph told the agent that he wanted to kill a rabbi, the Toledo Blade reported, citing an FBI affidavit. He also said, according to the FBI, that  “Jewish people were evil and deserved what was coming to them.”

He sent a plan for his attack on one of two Toledo-area synagogues to the agent earlier this month with a request for weapons and ammunition. He took possession of the weapons, two AR-15 rifles, on Friday from the agent and was then arrested, according to the newspaper.

If convicted, Joseph faces up to 20 years in prison.

The FBI said that law enforcement became aware of Joseph earlier this year through his activities on social media. He pledged his allegiance to ISIS and made videos to encourage others to join the jihadist group. He expressed hatred for Americans – singling out gays, Christians, Catholics, and Jews, according to the FBI.