Judge Napolitano expects Donald Trump Jr. to be indicted. House Democrat calls for emergency. Giuliani blames Twitter for liberal bias [r/politics, Episode #5]


Fox News Analyst Judge Napolitano: I Expect Donald Trump Jr. to Be Indicted

Fox News’ senior judicial analyst Judge Napolitano joined ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams on his SiriusXM radio show Wednesday to discuss the Michael Flynn sentencing memo that outlined the short-lived national security adviser’s cooperation with the Robert Mueller investigation. During the interview, Napolitano said he believes someone in the president’s inner circle will soon be indicted. “I don’t know who,” Napolitano added. “But I do know that Donald Jr. has told friends he expects to be indicted.” When asked whether he expects Donald Jr. to be indicted, Napolitano replied: “Yes.” He also suggested there could be a connection between the Mueller investigation and the recent Deutsche Bank raid, before saying “the president himself should be extremely uncomfortable about this.”

Redditors say that All outcomes here would be favorable:
1. Jr. takes a plea deal to help with the prosecution of his father

2. Trump Sr. cooperates with the special counsel in hope of leniency for his son (what might be expected in the case of human beings with some empathy, such as the Flynn father-son duo)

3. Neither Trump cooperates and both go down


House Democrat calls for emergency hearing into alleged election fraud in North Carolina

Weeks after the midterms, an election-fraud investigation in North Carolina’s 9th District is focusing on an operative who worked for the GOP candidate.

A Democratic member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is calling for an emergency hearing to examine allegations of election fraud in North Carolina’s 9th District race, in which Republican Mark Harris leads by 905 votes.
State election officials are investigating charges that a political operative working for the Harris campaign oversaw a crew of workers who illegally collected mail-in absentee ballots from voters. The operative, Leslie McCrae Dowless, worked primarily in Bladen County.

In a statement Tuesday, the North Carolina Republican Party said it “fully supports criminal investigations into any possible unlawful election activities. While our information is extremely limited from election administrators, the recent news reports are concerning and must be fully investigated.”
But the party added that unless officials have “strong evidence the outcome of the race was changed or there was a substantial likelihood the race could have been changed,” the elections board should certify Harris as the winner while the investigation continues.

Users of Reddit say that It’s fine for them to have equal representation in the Senate because that is what the Senate is for. A place where all states have equal representation.
The problem is the House. It’s gerrymandered as so that one party has to win by over 8% in order to break even if they win by only 51% of the votes they get 40% of the seats. The other problem is that the house IS where some people’s votes are worth more than others when it’s supposed to be equal representation because we don’t want to restructure carefully designed districts that would endanger that mathematical advantage one party has.


Giuliani can’t figure out how URLs work, blames Twitter for liberal bias

Rudy Giuliani, who briefly advised Donald Trump on cybersecurity before taking a role as his personal attorney, doesn’t understand how domain names work. And that lack of understanding led him to invent a ludicrous conspiracy theory about Twitter.
It all started when Giuliani tweeted about special counsel Robert Mueller:
If someone tweets out a valid URL, Twitter automatically converts it into a hyperlink. In this case, .in is the country code top-level domain for India, so Twitter interpreted “G-20.In” as a URL, linking it to http://g-20.in/.
An Atlanta-based prankster named Jason Velazquez recognized the opportunity here and registered the G-20.in a domain name.
“I thought, ‘I could just buy this and put whatever I want on it,'” Velazquez told NBC.
The result was a simple website that declares “Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country” and includes a link to information related to the Mueller investigation.
Giuliani was not amused. And he clearly doesn’t understand the sorcery that put an anti-Trump link in the middle of his tweet:
This is probably obvious to Ars readers, but this isn’t evidenced that Twitter is conspiring against Donald Trump supporters. Velazquez told NBC that he doesn’t know anyone at Twitter and didn’t coordinate with them to insert the link into Giuliani’s tweet.
Rather, Giuliani accidentally activated an automated Twitter feature that applies to everyone’s tweets, whether they’re liberal or conservative. The reason “Helsinki.Either” wasn’t converted into a link is that .either is not a top-level domain name like .in is.

Redditors add that He’s the head of cybersecurity like Hannity is a member of the cabinet. He’s an informal advisor. There is no salary, no contract, no office, staff, or budget. He’s just a guy Trump asks questions of or tells to talk to people who actually matter.