Angelina Jolie once tried to hire a hitman to kill her. A woman was sentenced for poisoning her child to death with antifreeze. Nintendo CEO once cut his pay in half for 5 months rather than blame workers [r/TodayiLearned, Episode #12]


TIL that Angelina Jolie once tried to hire a hitman to kill her, because she felt that a murder would be easier on her family than her committing suicide. The would-be-hitman talked her out of it by asking her to wait a month.

She told the Internet Movie Database ( it had been during a ”rather bleak” time in her life when she had come close to suicide.

Rather than taking her own life, she decided to hire somebody to do it for her and went in search of a hitman.

”This is going to sound insane but there was a time I was going to hire somebody to kill me,” she said.

”The person spoke very sweetly to me, he made me think about it for a month. And after a month other things changed in my life and I was surviving again.”

”With suicide comes all the guilt of people around you thinking they could have done something,” she said. ”With somebody being murdered, nobody takes some kind of guilty responsibility.


TIL a woman was sentenced to life in prison for poisoning her child to death with antifreeze. She gave birth to a second child while in prison, who was given to foster care. But he became sick with the same symptoms, indicating a genetic metabolic disorder, not poisoning. She was later released.

LYING ON A PINK-AND PURPLE-STRIPED beanbag, 22-month-old David Stallings Jr., stout, chubby-faced and cooing contentedly, is enjoying his morning meal. For his mother, Patricia, 26, feeding him is no ordinary task. She pours formula into a tube connected to David’s stomach through an opening in his abdomen and waits patiently as the liquid drips slowly down.

David, or D.J., requires meticulous care because of a disease that makes it difficult for his body to digest proteins. But Patti isn’t complaining. David is alive and extraordinary as it may seem, if it weren’t for the diagnosis of his genetic illness, she would still be serving a life sentence—for murder.


TIL: Nirvana played a concert in Buenos Aires where the crowd threw mud and trash at the all-girl opening act. Kurt Cobain was so upset that he sabotaged the show by playing mostly lesser-known songs and teasing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ without ever playing it.

On October 30th, 1992, Nirvana was booked to play a major show in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They were so big at that point in time that they just about sold-out José Amalfitani Stadium, which can hold nearly fifty thousand people. Prior to their set, Kurt Cobain witnessed the negative reception their hand-picked opening act received and was so incensed that he considered canceling the gig. Nirvana ultimately did perform that night, but they were sloppy and their set-list was more than a little unusual, as they purposely incorporated rare songs from their catalog that they knew most of the audience wouldn’t be familiar with, including a couple of unreleased numbers. It ended up being one of their oddest shows, and it was all captured on videotape by a professional film crew.

“When we played Buenos Aires, we brought this all-girl band over from Portland called Calamity Jane,” Kurt recalled. “During their entire set, the whole audience—it was a huge show with like sixty thousand people—was throwing money and everything out of their pockets, mud, and rocks, just pelting them. Eventually, the girls stormed off crying. It was terrible, one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, such a mass of sexism all at once. Krist, knowing my attitude about things like that, tried to talk me out of at least setting myself on fire or refusing to play.

We ended up having fun, laughing at them (the audience). Before every song, I’d play the intro to ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and then stop. They didn’t realize that we were protesting against what they’d done. We played for about forty minutes, and most of the songs were off Incesticide, so they didn’t recognize anything. We wound up playing the secret noise song (‘Endless, Nameless’) that’s at the end of Nevermind, and because we were so in a rage and were just so pissed off about this whole situation, that song and whole set were one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.”


TIL, when Nintendo had a fall in revenue from the less successful Wii U its CEO, cut his pay in half for 5 months rather than blame workers

President Satoru Iwata told reporters he would draw a reduced salary for five months to atone for the downturn, while other members of the board will take a pay cut of between 20 and 30 percent.

When asked if his pay cut could extend beyond June, Iwata said: “I will make a decision after looking at the management situation at that time.”